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[cross-project-issues-dev] ICU4J Redux: How to Break Galileo Build and Make your M5a

Hi, all,

Egg is on me, today. Perhaps I can help others to stay clean with a little reminder note.

I broke the Galileo build with my EMF Data Integrity 3-in-1 feature.

Like many of us, I scrambled at the last moment to adopt the ICU4J version 4.0 in my Galileo-train components. All seemed well in my testing on the Eclipse Platform M5, EMF M5, and other dependencies.

The Galileo builder, in attempting to use the p2 director to assemble a Product from various components, including mine, choked on the lingering declaration in one of my feature.xmls of a dependency on the ICU4J bundle version [3.4, 4.0). My plug-ins were up-to-date with Import-Package tuned to ICU 4.0, but not the features. Too bad the PDE builder didn't give me red Xes on my feature.xmls.

Here comes an M5a!



Christian W. Damus
Senior Software Developer, Zeligsoft Inc.
Component Lead, Eclipse MDT OCL and EMF-QTV
E-mail: cdamus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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