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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] re: Question about how to handle ICU...

Paul Webster wrote:


For example, in the ICU case is the main bundle we ship
with the platform, but a different bundle, provides
the same API as but is about 20% the size (it only
provides replacements for the main and
Just for the record, the is just 65K compared to the main bundles 5.5M, so it's just above 1% in size.

One important note is that the package is missing in the bundle and that actually deserves a special note. If the objective is to use the and its isWhitespace() and isSpaceChar() methods in particular, then I would advice against that. Recent tests show that the standard java.lang.Character is more accurate in this respect so using the UCharacter variant and thereby adding an extra payload of 5.4M is a bad idea.

Thomas Hallgren

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