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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] potential breaking change effecting multiple projects

I've added a note about this to the EMF downloads, docs, and news pages - thanks for the reminder.

James Bruck wrote:

Hi All,

I noticed that the UML2 plugin appeard in the list mentioned below and I just wanted to reassure everyone that the latest build of UML2 has all the necessary changes to accomodate the EMF change.
The latest UML2 build is:  I200901211303.

By the way, not only did I need to regenerate my API but I also needed to make minor changes to accomodate new exceptions that were being thrown. Even if you get your component compiling, some light sanity checking of your component might be a good idea after adopting the EMF change ;)

- James.

Thanks for letting us know. We'll look into the impact for M5.

No, no ... it's not me breaking you (this time).
I'm just a messenger. :)

We in WTP are working through some EMF changes, coming to Galileo,
and an observant extended team member (thanks John) did a scan of some code they happened to have installed, and found a number of projects use a "forbidden field", which, the little I understand it, means those projects will need to react to the EMF change before they can declare M5.

Is this common knowledge?

The EMF changes are described in _


and some potentially effected bundles are


So ... in the interest of sharing information and keeping our milestone smooth, thought I'd post this information,
in case it helps others.

Nick Boldt ::
Release Engineer :: Eclipse Modeling & Dash CBI

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