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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] requirement

John Arthorne wrote:

I agree you should be able to avoid using ICU4J in headless applications, if you don't need to build locale-specific representations of dates, times, etc. We don't use ICU4J at all in non-UI bundles in Equinox, and the Platform core bundles also don't use it for the most part. Maybe the answer for you is to avoid the problematic classes mentioned on altogether, which would remove any need for ICU4J in Buckminster. Is the problem for you that you have dependencies that in turn pull in the dependency on ICU4J?
Yes, that's the problem. One exampel is the Subversive adapter. As a response to the new requirement, Subversive now has a direct bundle requirement to the bundle. They have also some code that uses the UCharacter class which makes it impossible to use the bundle even if we'd like to. I have submitted a patch for this already to the Subversive project that rectifies the problem and hopefully they will accept it.

I file that under yet another time consuming effort made to satisfy the new requirements that nobody was asking for.

Thomas Hallgren

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