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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] requirement

Thomas Hallgren wrote on 01/17/2009 07:48:47 PM:

> The Galileo release has a hard requirement that projects use the
> bundle. This is understandable when NLS is of great
> importance and it is expected that the bundle will run in older JVM's.
> The more recent the JVM is however, the less important the
> bundle gets since most of its content is merged into the runtime of  the
> latest Java releases.

I'm wondering what led you to this conclusion that the content gets merged into Java releases? According to documentation at the ICU site, the latest Java release (Java SE 6) doesn't have nearly the same functionality as even ICU4J 3.8:

Although I'm sure some of the fixes and additional locales do eventually find their way into the JDK, my impression is that there is a significant lag, and that there is no JDK version available today with nearly the same level of NLS functionality and Unicode compliance as ICU4J.


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