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[cross-project-issues-dev] Build server disk space full


If you're using the Build server to build or sign, you may want to seriously consider cleaning up the disk space in /opt (/shared). It's currently sitting at 98% full.

63G     cbi   <-- Niiiiiick!
2.6G    download-staging.priv
7.8G    dsdp
12G     eclipse
5.2G    galileo
3.8G    modeling
6.0G    orbit
5.2G    rt
4.7G    stp
38G     technology
15G     tools
4.8G    tptp
19G     webtools

Technology is broken down like this:
1.2G    babel
1.4G    corona
5.7G    cosmos
25G     epp
3.1G    phoenix  <-- I've removed this

12G     aspectj
3.0G    mylyn

This also includes the 'local' xxxBuild account home directories:
3.4G    hudsonbuild

Thanks for saving the build server from implosion,


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