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[cross-project-issues-dev] EclipseCon stick

While chatting with Bjorn it appears that this year again EclipseCon attendees will receive a USB stick (don't know the size). However, given that this year slides will be made available on the web site, this raises two questions:
a) do we need a stick? (Not sure this is still negotiable)
b) what to put on the stick?

I propose that we put 3 platform downloads (win32, linux, mac) and a snapshot of the Galileo M5 p2 repository, since the stick content has to be made available by Feb 17th and the Galileo M5 GA date is Feb 16th.
So a few questions,
- would such a content be helpful to you, or will it be outdated by the time of the conference?
- what do you think about this content?


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