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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo Must Do's: How much Rules? - Results are in


Apparently none of the PMC leads of any of the top-level projects were approached by any subproject lead with any concerns about the Galileo must-do's.  As such, the collective silence is interpreted as pervasive tacit agreement.  At the PC council meeting, we even added one more must do: change each and to something more descriptive than:
For modeling we're changing it to
providerName=Eclipse Modeling Project
Note that there is a general expectation that PMC leads will communicate these issues planning with their subproject leads.  If that isn't happening, i.e., if the above issue is a surprise for you, then it's time to reestablish your communication channels with your PMC leads.


Randy Hudson wrote:
Is this another poll?



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Oberhuber, Martin wrote:

      35 people participated, the majority voting for "Guidance" through
      rules and "Ok to have rules since we all gain from the train". Looks
      like the PC is doing the right thing after all. Thanks, Planning
Maybe that is jumping to conclusions? Don't forget that there are over 900
committers that didn't vote at all. What does that mean?

a) They didn't vote because they all agree with PMC's decisions
b) They didn't vote because they want to spend as little time as possible
on rules and bureaucracy

My guess would be the latter for the most part and that the 35 that did
vote have an interest in this that is way above average.

Just my 0.02$

Thomas Hallgren
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