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[cross-project-issues-dev] Changing the platform button ordering on Mac and GTK

Hi, everyone.
We are considering fixing in 3.5 a long-standing platform UI bug, whereby the native platform's dismissal button alignment has not been honored.

What this means is that the ordering of the Finish/Cancel buttons in wizards and the OK/Cancel buttons in dialogs would change on platforms that are currently incorrect.

We realize this change could have downstream affects on projects, including
- some subclasses of Dialog may not inherit this change depending on the coding pattern used to override button creation
- UI test infrastructure could be impacted by this change
- screen snaps made on the affected platforms would be incorrect
- etc...

That said, we'd rather fix the bug (finally).

Please comment in the bug if you have an opinion in this matter. The bug is currently marked for fixing in 3.5M4, but that will depend upon the input we receive.


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