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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: Build Workshop

D'oh, sent this email to the -request alias!


Adrian Skehill wrote:
Hi Denis,

Sorry for not replying to your email sooner, since leaving IONA I hadn't re-subscribed to this alias and didn't see your message until now.

I have Hudson up and running on eclipse machines, and was planning to get one or two of the Buckminster based build projects configured on it (namely Buckminster and STP).

Unfortunately, I wont be able to attend the workshop this week, but if you're interested I could arrange a demo of Hudson and what we've done for the Buckminster project. In my own Company I've taken it a few steps further in terms of running and reporting Unit tests as well and I can talk about that. I think it would be good to give it some consideration early in workshop to see if this is a route you'd like to take.

Drop me a mail, or get me on Skype (askehill) and we can arrange something.

Talk to you soon,


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