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[cross-project-issues-dev] Carbon and Cocoa keybindings - support in M3 and M4

In eclipse 3.5 M4, we're working on a better way to describe
keybindings that need to be different per platform or per locale,
where currently one of the most common cases is the different
keybindings that need to be supported on carbon (mac os).

With the SWT cocoa port coming in M3, we will need to support a
similar transformation for cocoa (mac os).  In M4 Platform UI will
provide a better syntax for specifying per-platform keybindings, with
the work done in:
[KeyBindings] provide general platform transform for sequence
modifiers in org.eclipse.ui.bindings

In M3 I have put a temporary workaround in place so that Platform UI
simply honours the carbon keybindings on cocoa.  This will be removed
in M4 when bug 248752 is released.  Components will then be able to
make changes to add (and hopefully simplify) the cocoa appropriate

So no change is necessary in M3, and I'll post again when it is time
to make the change in M4 (or you can CC yourself on the bug :-)


Paul Webster
Hi floor.  Make me a sammich! - GIR

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