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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Which moment of the build i should callthe sign

Title: Which moment of the build i should call the sign
Hello Gustavo,
the CDT Releng build.xml is one of the simpler solutions I know
for the signing, you'll want to look at it for reference:
Once the update site is done, it creates a ZIP of it (archived update
site) which is then sent to the signer. Since the build process runs
on there is no need for upload/download through
CDT doesn't deliver anything beyond its archived update site, so
it's not doing the unpackUpdateJars step which would be next --
but it looks like you have some handle on that one already.
Of course there might be yet simpler steps to achieve this, and
if yes I'd love to hear about those!
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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I'm working right now to add the feature & plugins signing to DSDP.MTJ build. I looked at a lot of documentation about how to call the sign scripts, but it is not clear to me yet in which step of the build process a should call a the signing script.

currently we call pde to generate the update site and after that we use unpackUpdateJars to generate the final package that we copy to the download site.

it seems that the best place is before we call the unpackUpdateJars, since in that way both the update site jars and the final jars on the download site will be signed. the problem is that it seems that the sign script is asynchronous so i don't know how to do it on an ant script. (i saw, but i didn't understood how to use waitForChangedAttribs target that waits for the sign to finish).

If i call it afar all build is finished, is the idea to sign update site features/ plugins and then re-generate the final zip based on it?

Can someone help me with that?


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