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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: Are we having the usual 9am server freeze tomorrow morning?


Thanks for pointing that out. Indeed, if Eclipse 3.4.1 (and a Ganymede SR) is going out the door tomorrow, we need to freeze or suffer slow downloads for the rest of the week. The positive side-effect of *not* freezing is that we'll likely get many new Friends of Eclipse. I'm willing to try the experiment ... for science! :-)

Otherwise, I'll be freezing the download servers in exactly 23 minutes from now.


Nick Boldt wrote:
The Eclipse Ganymede SR1 endgame plan [1] makes no mention of it, and I can't find any notes in this mailing list about it, but I'm assuming that we're still planning a 9am server freeze [2, 3] tomorrow morning [4] like we did in June [5], to give the mirrors time to replicate the new bits.

Is this correct?




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