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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Project Plan Rendered as HTML?

Hi Brian,
looking at your plan and the errors that PHP prints when trying to
render it, I'd guess that the problem is: your
  <committed bugzilla=" ">
is expected to include a *bugzilla query* and not an individual
bugzilla item.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 12:18 AM
To: Cross project issues
Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Project Plan Rendered as HTML?

Hi guys...

I have a rough XML project plan in place for DTP, and I can get to it as XML ( But it's not coming up as nicely rendered HTML for me for some reason...

Is an easy way to see it rendered in HTML like the DSDP plan ( Or perhaps I didn't do something quite right with my XML? When I try it for the datatools plan ( all I get is an empty page with a link to my raw XML.

I *think* I followed the directions accurately to create the namespaced XML file based on the Wiki page (, but maybe I wasn't quite in my right mind (a rare state indeed)  when I created it?

Thanks in advance.

Brian Fitzpatrick
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Eclipse Data Tools Platform Connectivity Team Lead
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

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