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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Plans and time line for the p2 milestone & Ganymede update sites

Can you clarify what site URL you are referring to? As Nick says, the ganymede release site [1] which has contained the last few milestones will have the final Ganymede release bits once they become available. If you are referring to testUpdates [2], this site is discarded and built again from scratch on a regular basis as we do integration builds. It will briefly contain the final release build, but shortly after the Ganymede release it will be discarded and replaced with 3.5 stream builds.  The Eclipse project 3.4 update site [3] will also contain the final release bits indefinitely (or at least for several years - we still have the 3.0 update site available).



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06/12/2008 12:21 PM

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[cross-project-issues-dev] Plans and time line for the p2 milestone        & Ganymede update sites

This is probably a question for the p2 & releng teams, but I figured other teams could
benefit from the information as well.

Currently the p2 and releng teams are maintaining a p2 update site which contains the
milestone releases of Ganymede.  What is the plan for this site?  Will it be updated to
the release build of Ganymede?  Will it be turned off?  Will the content be rolled over to
the official Ganymede update site?

Also, what is the time line for this maintenance?  Will it be ready & available on the
early release date?

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