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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [] Ganymede (except STP) release review minutes

Title: Re: [] Ganymede (except STP) release review minutes
Oh, foo, typo, sorry - GMF is in the "fully approved" category. Sorry.

Richard Gronback wrote:
And GMF?

On 6/4/08 12:04 PM, "Bjorn Freeman-Benson" <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks for attending the Ganymede release review. Here are the minutes and some action items:
  • All the reviewed projects passed the phone review thus, pending IP approval, will be approved for release
  • These projects are fully IP approved:
    • BIRT, DSDP *, DTP, GEF, M2M QVTO, MDT *, M2T JET, DLTK, EPP, Buckminster, Mylyn, WTP

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