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[cross-project-issues-dev] Tomorrow's Ganymede Review Call and IP Clearance

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The big Ganymedian review call is tomorrow. Here's what you need to know:
  1. Please download the slides ahead of time and familiarize yourself with the layout. Where are your quick slides (what slide numbers)? Where are your detailed slides (what slide numbers)?
  2. Please be prepared to talk about your project's conformance with the Ganymede Must Do items. Please be prepared to justify why you project chose not to do any of the must dos that you did not implement.
  3. There will be too many people on the phone call - please use your mute button aggressively or else there will just be too much noise.
  4. The review will be based on questions from the attendees only. If there are questions, the appropriate project team will answer those questions referring to their slide deck (see item 1). Once there are no further questions, the call will end.
    1. There will not be any traditional presentations of the slides, not even the mini-deck. The assumption is that people will have read the material in advance and will have questions that they want answered.
The big stick:
  1. Projects that are not IP cleared by the Eclipse Foundation by June 19th will not be in the Ganymede release. Their bits will be removed from the update sites, download sites, EPP packages, etc. The Foundation has no option or wiggle room here: none, zero. No clearance = no release.
    1. Note that the underlying Platform is one of the "not yet cleared" projects (see Janet's latest email). The Platforms failure to be IP approved would basically kill the entire June 25th Ganymede release date.
  2. Projects that failed to implemented Must Do items without a good reason will be removed from the Ganymede release. The Ganymede team will make these decisions.
- Bjorn
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