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[cross-project-issues-dev] Monday June 2 call minutes

Today's call covered:
  • Everyone should test their update functionality. Both upzipping the EPP packages and updating from a new installed package with new features. There is some different behavior that has caused the WTP project some issues, so everyone should check to make sure that their projects are ok. (Scott said that ECF works fine, others might have as well.)
  • Check your capabilities. It's especially important to have capabilities in these large releases so that we don't have a zillion and one menu items at once. Again, there are some interesting characteristic of capabilities (which plug-ins get loaded, etc) that you should ensure are working correctly for your project.
  • David will be promoting the RC2 bits today so that Denis can unfreeze the servers later. Kim will start the first RC3 build with the Platform RC3 bits shortly thereafter.
  • We proposed Wednesday September 24 and Wednesday February 25 for the September/Fall and February/Winter Maintenance Releases.  Please everyone check with your project teams and schedules to see if those are good dates to plan for. We'd like to announce the maintenance dates when we roll out the main bits.
Talk to you all next Monday, same Bat-time, same Bat-station...
- Bjorn

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