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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ganymede build corrupts JAR file

I submitted the following bug May 8, but have had no response.


The Ganymede build corrupts one of the M2T-JET jar files. I had originally assumed this was a one-time problem, but it has re-appeared in the RC1 ganymede update site. The error manifests itself when attempting to install "Java Emitter Templates (JET) SDK (Incubation)" from the Ganymede staging update site ( There error:

An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.jet,0.9.0.v20080515.
File has invalid content: C:\DOCUME~1\pelder\LOCALS~1\Temp\signatureFile61736.jar
Invalid content: org/eclipse/jet/internal/xpath/functions/extras/SortFunction$XPathComparator.class
The file "org/eclipse/jet/internal/xpath/functions/extras/SortFunction$XPathComparator.class" in the jar "C:\DOCUME~1\pelder\LOCALS~1\Temp\signatureFile61736.jar" has been tampered!
Invalid content: org/eclipse/jet/internal/xpath/functions/extras/SortFunction$DescendingXPathComparator.class
The file "org/eclipse/jet/internal/xpath/functions/extras/SortFunction$DescendingXPathComparator.class" in the jar "C:\DOCUME~1\pelder\LOCALS~1\Temp\signatureFile61736.jar" has been tampered!

I have downloaded and used jarsigner -verify and confirmed that the source plug-in (as specified in the .sc file) is ok, but the same JAR downloaded from the ganymede update site is corrupted (I have check several different mirrors).

Source JAR file URL:
size (on Win XP): 803,982

Sample Ganymede JAR file URL:
size (on Win XP): 803,977

A binary compare on the two Jars (using Beyond Compare) reveals two files that are difference (although their sizes are listed as identical):


The same .class are corrupted on both M7 and the RC1 builds.

Paul Elder
JET Component Lead
IBM Rational software
ph: +1 613 270 4560
e-mail: pelder@xxxxxxxxxx

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