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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] correct dates in about.html

Title: New Page 1
See section 5 and the link to "more about about files". That takes you to wherein you find the phrase "enter current date here".  There is no definition of "current date", so interpret as you will, e.g., some people will say "current = when the file was created", some will say "current = when the project was created", some will say "current = when the about files are sent for review", some will say "current = when the official release happens", etc. Take your pick.

- Bjorn

Scott Lewis wrote:
The date in the about.html...what must/should it be?  I vaguely recall discussion about this last year (Europa), but I don't remember the conclusion, and not sure if the conclusion is the same for Ganymede.

Currently, we (ECF) have June 29, 2007 in most of our about files.  Should/must this be updated?  If so, to what?  Is it our choice?

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