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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] seven projects or components still not signing

Hi David,

We (ECF) were not aware that features were to be signed...our plugins are signed in M7...but not features. We'll get the feature jars signed right away.

One overarching comment about signing...there was a fair amount of time in setting up/doing the signing for projects/build processes that had not done it before. Seems like it need not be so difficult if there were some common scripts/build procedures, more/other/improved step-by-step docs, etc.


David M Williams wrote:

I've updated the list in bug 227333.

I looked at _features only_ since those should be easy to sign, and any lack of signing there would imply the whole project is unsigned. (where as there's some individual bundles that may have problems or technical reasons not to sign ... even if rest of a project is signed).

The list of 137 is now down to 50, and those 50 fall into some of the same bucket's as the lack-of-communication bucket I mentioned earlier.

Below are the first 3 parts of the name spaces involved in the list of 50 features... projects/PMC's that own these namespaces should take the responsibility to remove their features from the ganymede release .... so I can quite worrying about it :)


Much thanks to those other projects that committed the effort to reduce the list of 137 to a list of 50.


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