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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Incubating features in Ganymede

I'm not sure right off if/where documented, so I'll reply from memory (I know, that's always dangerous :) but am sure Bjorn or Mike will correct me if I am misremembering.

I believe the rule is that incubating projects can release without graduating as long as they go through a release review.
A release review in this case means, basically, they have release quality IP records and clearance, but not necessarily the
other attributes of released projects (community, quality, APIs, predictability, etc).

Eighty does sound like a lot, but .. those are the rules we established for Ganymede (i.e. that incubating projects could be part of Ganymede as long as they went
through a release review) ... so ... we may want to re-think that for Io? Or ... maybe add a feature in P2 update that says "show/hide incubating features" :)

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