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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status of Ganymede M7 ....

I think we are close? but the logs have a "warning" in them, which looks like an error to me ... maybe someone from Platform can take a look and comment?

Also ... if you haven't noticed yet, the "blame mail" feature of Ganymatic is broken and I've looked at it enough to know I'll have to look at it a while to figure out what's wrong ... so, in the mean time, be sure to check back frequently after changing and committing SC files.


= = = =
[java] WARN: Component request[1.0.0.v20080421-7r7xEHJEJkZu5mDfOQVVpi80sjxX,1.0.0.v20080421-7r7xEHJEJkZu5mDfOQVVpi80sjxX]#OSGi is inconflict with request[1.0.0.v20080407a-7r7wEIqEJkXu6mI9_7rPB5trz00j,1.0.0.v20080407a-7r7wEIqEJkXu6mI9_7rPB5trz00j]#OSGi( Help System)
[java] WARN: Component request org.eclipse.rcp:site.feature/[3.4.0.v20080324a-989JERhEjzvdtz-riwWN80OEB,3.4.0.v20080324a-989JERhEjzvdtz-riwWN80OEB]#OSGi( RCP) is inconflict with request org.eclipse.rcp:site.feature/[3.4.0.v20080407a-969KEWNEjMvdgqqz-iNmVtQp,3.4.0.v20080407a-969KEWNEjMvdgqqz-iNmVtQp]#OSGi( RCP)

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