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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Ganymede "must do" status report

For #13, you can tell if a bundle has been conditioned by extracting a jar that has been submitted to Ganymede and looking at the eclipse.inf

 cat META-INF/eclipse.inf
#Processed using Jarprocessor
pack200.conditioned = true

Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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05/05/2008 02:12 PM

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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ganymede "must do" status report

As per a suggestion on the mailing list, I took the opportunity today (the M7+1 date) to check the
must dos conformance of the Ganymede projects:

1. work together - unable to verify
2. own update site - yes for everyone
3. 4 part version numbers - yes for everyone
4. use orbit - the following projects appear to have non-Orbit jars:
   TENEO (commons-logging)

   There are many other non-Orbit uses, but I can't tell if they are violations of this
   must do rule because the rule only applies to new-for-Ganymede jars.
5. true bundle form - yes for everyone
6. correct jvm requirements - unable to verify
7. attend planning meetings - well, the attendance at the EclipseCon f2f was low but we haven't had any calls, so I guess we are ok
8. watch cross projects bugzilla - unable to verify
9. rel eng communication - N/A yet
10. joined by M4 - yes although I recall one project joining late I can't remember which one it was; doesn't matter now
11. ramp down policy by M6+0 - the following projects do NOT have a ramp down policy on the wiki
   Subversive (the document linked from the wiki is not a Ramp Down Policy)

12. IP approval -
IP logs and About Files are due to Janet by COB EDT May 15th
13. pack200 - I can't figure out how to detect whether the jars have been conditioned for packing. Any suggestions?
14. signed - the following projects have unsigned jars:
   EMF (and most? all? modeling projects)

15. jar'ed plugins - yes for everyone
16. message bundles - unable to verify

If you are project is listed in (4), (11) and (14), you need to remedy this situation ASAP.
And everyone needs to deal with the legal issues (12) before the May 15th deadline.

- Bjorn

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