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RE: [] RE:[cross-project-issues-dev]Heresy mark II (summaries and replies)

Title: New Page 1
We should at least get a parallel activity going. P2 should be able to handle this better. I'll monkey around with this a bit (no promises, though). I'm knee deep in p2 at the moment for our internal work.

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Hi Bjorn,
perhaps P2 does a better job, but in old Update Manager there were
problems with consuming features off multiple update sites:
   (1) users need to select proper sites to get stuff from
   (2) dependencies spanning multiple sites were not properly resolved
Now (2) has been fixed only very recently, in Eclipse 3.4M6. It might
actually work now to do a proper pre-selection of multiple update sites
before asking to install stuff. But it's non-intuitive IMHO, and I also
consider it risky to get rid of the coordinated single site that's been
working fine now for years -- with a fallback mechanism instead that's
been fixed so recently only.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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I was under the impression that we already did pre-populate with more than one site. To test my theory, I downloaded the Europa package "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" and opened Help > Software Updates > Find and Install... > Search for new features and, voila!, there are nine update sites pre-populated.

We could very easily pre-populate with all the project's update sites, n'est pas?  And that would provide a natural additional level of classification of the features...
I'm sure we could prepopulate more then one site.

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