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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [] Some observations on Ganymede update site topic

But the more general issue we'd need to address is what happens when a prerequisite to other projects is voted off the island?

I'm quite interested in this, since STP depends on world+dog, we've
a much better chance to be affected.
How about if we start by making a list of who's violating which rules, find out what the offenders intend to do to rectify the issues, and then talk about what to do with the intransigent cases when public humiliation proves ineffective... I wonder who would do that work? Hey, didn't you bring the issue up? :-P

Well, I'll put up my hand and say that STP hasn't got the signing
done yet either. We're a bit short-handed on the build side of things
since Adrian decided to head out and set up his own business [0]. But
we should be done by M7.



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