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[cross-project-issues-dev] the state of update

On Mylyn we have had a challenging time with the 3.4M6 update changes
because P2 doesn't work for all the cases that we need to support, and
classic Update Manager behavior cannot be fully restored.  Ideally it would
be great for P2 to handle all previous update cases, but for the time being,
can we expect the old Update Manager to be fully functional in 3.4M7? 

To save others in this situation time in figuring out what works and what
doesn't, here is our summary of the problems present in 3.4M6 and M6a.  


Problems with classic Update Manager in M6a:

* Extensions are installed into the configuration directory and never run
(bug 221434, looks like it's fixed in HEAD)
* Platform.xml gets put into the wrong directory due to URL encoding (bug
225054, may also affect P2)
* Extensions installed into an extension directory do not run (fixed in

Summary of problems with P2 in M6a:

* Downloading too many plug-ins causes OutOfMemory (bug 226206)
* Htaccess protection of sites causes deadlock (bug 220554, partly fixed in
I20080410-1022 but we are still seeing deadlocks)
* Associate sites get ignored (bug 220554)
* If associate sites or other sites have overlapping categories they may get
ignored (still checking and will file bug)
* Included features are not nested properly and may not be included (still
checking and will file bug)


Mik Kersten
Project Lead,

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