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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] p2 update

Note that the spec of the 'classic' Update does not force artifact to be on
the same server as site.xml. That was simply the most common case. You can
use the 'archive' tag to map the symbolic name of the artifact and its
physical location that can be a full URL.


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During the p2 talk at eclipsecon, I understood that the server side would
also be impacted by it (for example, the metadata and the artifacts servers
might be on different locations). But looking at the documentation now,  it
seems to me that the format of the site.xml was not changed and all updates
servers will be used on the same way. Is that right? If it is not, is there
any documentation on the server-side impacts?


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The advantages are that you now have more flexibility to organize your
plugins ( but
more importantly it allows you to not mix-up the plug-ins you want to try
with the plug-ins you know already runs well. One of the typical problem
users had in the past was that after having unzipped random stuffs in the
plugins folder, their eclipse install would no longet start and they would
not know what to delete and therefore ended up trashing everything. With
the dropins you can simply delete its content, or if you have organized the
content of the dropins you can just delete what you believe broke your

All that said, one of the goal of p2 is to get people out of the file
system by offering more appealing installation metaphors such as d&d of zip
files, URLs, etc onto the installation UI.


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  Subject:    Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] p2 update

Pascal wrote on 03/27/2008 07:25:00:
>       - p2 is now capable of discovering plugins dropped in the
> plugins folder, like you have always been able to do. That said, going
> forward we still recommend people to use the dropins folder

What advantages does using the dropins folder have?  What will go wrong if
we continue to drop things in the plugins folder?

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