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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Migrating your automated tests to use p2's /dropins/ folder

The p2 team will soon post some documentation on p2 adoption. We are hoping to have a good build shortly to point at.
Given the late availability for p2 technology, we are considering providing our M6 deliveries in 2 forms: one form with p2 enabled, one form with p2 disabled.
This would be a M6-only story to ease adoption and reduce the stress level in our community.
More details from the p2 team shortly.

Apologies to all; and thanks for your endurance.

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03/26/2008 06:15 AM

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[cross-project-issues-dev] Migrating your automated tests to use        p2's /dropins/ folder


I plan to turn this into a more digestable FAQ in the EclipseWiki, but
for those who urgently need to get a build out using p2, here's a list
of the files I had to change, and what I changed. (I'm still sniff
testing the build to ensure that everything is in place and works as
it did in last week's pre-p2 build, so consider this advice still in

It's basically 4+ files:

**/test.xml (one test.xml for each of your test plugins)
* (to update to the latest
o.e.test tag, which may not have been required)

Full details & links from here:

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