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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] 'barnraising3' vserver host reboot


I'm impressed at your fatherhood skills Denis...changing a diaper while drinking a beer, and managing a fussy 2-year old...all while managing fussy vservers. :)


Denis Roy wrote:
Hi Scott,

My guess is late Friday night (Eastern time) between a beer, a fussy 2 year-old and a diaper change :-) You needn't be concerned; ECF is hosted on barnraising1, which is unaffected by this.

Projects affected include Babel, EPF, SoC and DLTK.


Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Denis,

Approximately when will this be done? I would like to know because we (ECF) have some experimental collab/messaging servers running on that don't get automatically restarted.


Eclipse WebMaster (Denis Roy) wrote:
I need to reboot the 'barnraising3' vserver host this weekend for maintenance. All vservers hosted on it will be automatically restarted.



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