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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] update download page

I'm still confused about what's going on with the Europa Winter Update.  The
build is continuing to  fail, and the Europa update site still has the Fall
Update features on it on it:

Is this not breaking users' expectation that the update be available on the
February 29th release date?  It seems that people will download the EPP
packagings and expect the latest features to be available from the bundled
discovery site, and that's not the case.


> -----Original Message-----
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> But I'm a bit confused about the release announcement, and was putting
> off
> the Mylyn 2.3 announcement until Europa build went green.  As far as I
> know
> we are green for Eclipse 3.2.2 and for the EPP packages, but the Europa
> build site is still broken (EMF changes came in yesterday and broke the
> build in the usual way).  If Eclipse 3.2.2 is announced won't people
> expect
> the Europa site to provide the final Winter Update as well?

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