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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] update download page

Nick: this is just the same problem that we’ve been discussing in the “endgame” thread and almost certainly nothing on your end.  As long as you have verified that your features work there is nothing that we as projects can do about it.  For Mylyn we even tried running the mirror scripts ourselves and all works, except in the build.  In the several occurrences of it that I paid attention to, it has usually fixed itself after the second time that the build runs.  I have no idea if that’s a timing thing (takes 24 hours for two builds to run) or a number of times the build has run thing.  I thought that the build did not rely on mirroring or replication, but since the build uses the update manager, and in some scenarios the update manager will get redirected to another mirror or node for each request, it could be hitting a mirror or node that’s missing the file (e.g. bug 205348).  I guess that at this very late point in the game we just have to wait and see if the current build succeeds, since there has likely been enough time since your feature udpate.  If it doesn’t, since afaik no attention has been paid to this problem by anyone other than Markus, myself and Steffen, I suggest that you try to track down Bjorn or Denis to try manually copy the files.   


All Projects: in case this wasn’t clear from the other thread, if anyone updates their features, the build will almost certainly fail again.




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Those two "missing" features are in fact on and unpack fine. Perhaps it's a mirror problem or a node problem. The wierd thing is that I uploaded these jars before I did EMF itself, and that one is fine. As is OCL, which I did before it.


1530 nickb@node5:/home/data/httpd/
$ find . -name "*trans*sdk*1.1.2*"
1531 nickb@node5:/home/data/httpd/
$ unzip ./org.eclipse.emf.transaction.sdk_1.1.2.v200710151610-657796EYz0ioXNf0foaxc2sgJlG9.jar -d /tmp/foo
Archive:  ./org.eclipse.emf.transaction.sdk_1.1.2.v200710151610-657796EYz0ioXNf0foaxc2sgJlG9.jar
  inflating: /tmp/foo/epl-v10.html
  inflating: /tmp/foo/
  inflating: /tmp/foo/feature.xml
  inflating: /tmp/foo/license.html
  inflating: /tmp/foo/modeling32.png
1532 nickb@node5:/home/data/httpd/
$ find . -name "*query*sdk*1.1.1*"
1533 nickb@node5:/home/data/httpd/
$ unzip ./org.eclipse.emf.query.sdk_1.1.1.v200711281714-54191D7X1MKFuGkIiFcJLHt955I6.jar -d /tmp/foo2
Archive:  ./org.eclipse.emf.query.sdk_1.1.1.v200711281714-54191D7X1MKFuGkIiFcJLHt955I6.jar
  inflating: /tmp/foo2/epl-v10.html
  inflating: /tmp/foo2/
  inflating: /tmp/foo2/feature.xml
  inflating: /tmp/foo2/license.html
  inflating: /tmp/foo2/modeling32.png

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 11:14 AM, Mik Kersten <beatmik@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm doing a sanity check on the Java, JEE and RCP downloads right now and
unless I respond in 5 minutes all is good with them.

But I'm a bit confused about the release announcement, and was putting off
the Mylyn 2.3 announcement until Europa build went green.  As far as I know
we are green for Eclipse 3.2.2 and for the EPP packages, but the Europa
build site is still broken (EMF changes came in yesterday and broke the
build in the usual way).  If Eclipse 3.2.2 is announced won't people expect
the Europa site to provide the final Winter Update as well?

A new build was automatically started 10 minutes ago, so we won't have
results for 2-3 hours.


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> I've just committed the changes.
> Denis
> Kim Moir wrote:
> >
> > I was wondering when this page would be updated to reflect the Winter
> > Maintenance packages.  Currently, it lists only the Fall packages.
> >
> >
> >
> > I'd like to include this link in our release announcement.
> >
> > thanks,
> > Kim
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