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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] endgame for the Europa Winter Maintenance

We'll aim at getting the CDT bits in place by 2 p.m.


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Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] endgame for the Europa Winter

The current build is failing, probably due to new BIRT and TPTP features
being updated while the build is running.  At least that's what happened
with Mylyn last week when we got the "No Matching Features" with Mylyn.
On Mylyn we haven't updated our features to yesterday's final build in
trying to avoid the break, but since are broken already are updating our
features right now.

Could we make an end-game plan something along these lines to minimize
build breakage? This just boils down to batching our re-spin requests so
that those like Mylyn that need to do cross-project testing of
packagings can know when to do so.  Proposed times are in build server
time (EST).  

Today, 2pm EST: first freeze (manually triggered build)
* Everyone has submitted their bits and won't do so again until the
build goes green.
* Markus: after the build has run, and hopefully gone green, I assume
that some number of hours later we can expect the EPP packaging of it at
the usual URL?  How long does it usually take?

Today, 8pm EST: second freeze (usual time the build runs)
* Same as above, but given build times testing of the result waits until

Tomorrow: something like the above two freezes for anyone who needs last
minute changes.  


Mik Kersten
President & CTO,
Project Lead,

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