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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Europa staging update site broken

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That Mylyn version is no longer current.  At 1:54 AM Eastern time we copied 2.3.0.I20080221-2200 to the update site and updated our feature.xml.  It still seems a bit odd since in trying to avoid these sorts of problems I had waited until after I noticed that the build was completed (it appeared to take most of the day).  But perhaps I got it right as it was going to copy.  Hopefully the new build will fix it.


Steffen: I’m about to go in for Jury selection.  While I will try to claim that I am not fit to sit on a jury because of Ganymede and Europa build responsibilities, there is a chance I may be offline for a good chunk of time today.  Please subscribe to cross-projects-issues-dev, and if the build does not go green check out  and grab my latest context from the following bug so that you know what to update:


173150: manage Mylyn participation in Europa




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Hmm, interesting bug.  The copy to staging failed:
/home/data/users/bfreeman/europa/ Failed to copy /home/data/users/bfreeman/europa/staging/features/org.eclipse.mylyn_feature_2.3.0.I20080220-2300.jar to /home/data/users/bfreeman/downloads/releases/europa/staging/features/org.eclipse.mylyn_feature_2.3.0.I20080220-2300.jar due to /home/data/users/bfreeman/downloads/releases/europa/staging/features/org.eclipse.mylyn_feature_2.3.0.I20080220-2300.jar (Input/output error)

But the log parser didn't catch that (logic error on my part: the Europamatic log parser assumes that things are good and looks for lines that mean "error" -- the Ganymatic log parser assumes that things are bad and looks for lines that mean "good").

A new build is working...

Markus Knauer wrote:

Yes, the Europa build is green... that's what the web page says but it's not.


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