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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] FYI: The EclipseCon USB memory stick

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There is no problem with any of the Mylyn packages that were have been consumed by EPP.  I am assuming from our testing the builds that the version of Mylyn on there is 2.3.0.I20080214-1500 that’s in the 20080220-0650 EPP build, but I did not notice a message that stated which build was being used.  For the record, could someone remind or confirm which EPP build was used?


David: just fyi, the reason that Steffen asked in our other thread about the possibility of having Mylyn 2.3.0.I20080220-2300  on there is that it is our near-final 2.3 release next week and has additional improvements.  There isn’t a need to have that version on the stick and those who want the new features can update once the release is out.




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Too late - the bits are on their way to the manufacturer to be pre-loaded onto the USB memory stick.
The only possible change now (for the next few hours) would be to delete all the packages and not have them.

David M Williams wrote:

So, Bjorn ... does that mean the EPP M5 packages are done (for the memory stick, at least?)
I can confirm the JEE package is "good enough" to ship for M5 but believe the Mylin group had a fix or two they'd prefer to have in the final version, if feasible.


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