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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] There will be no more Ganymatic buildsscheduled

Thanks Dave.
Actually, I think the tagging trick won't help here since it's not
necessarily the contents of the .sc file that's problematic but the
contents of the referenced update site.
I know that when adding something to an update site, this should
be done in a "backward compatible manner" such that the previous
contents is still accessible; but, as a matter of fact, doing so is
not always easy. Therefore, often an entire update site including
its site.xml file is exchanged, thus being incompatible with the
.sc file in place (for a short time).
Perhaps what we really need is instructions or tools to add stuff
to an update site without destroying its current contents. That
might really fix the issue since then, the old .sc file would still
work and the new .sc file can be added at any time.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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Improvements can probably be made, but let's see how it goes before we do too much more work.
For the most part, I think a failure due to multiple activity would be rare, but I have seen one unexplainable

If, after another milestone or so, we fine that almost always (e.g 80%) of the time, a failure is "fixed" by just
running it again, then yes, we should do something to improve that. In WTP we do it by tagging what's in
head, and then retrieving the content with that tag ... that greatly narrows the range of possible conflict, since
that tagging operation is fairly quick and sort-of atomic. (not literally, but, close, I think, and similar in effect).

And yes, an sc file changed in the middle of a build would cause another build to be kicked off during
the following cycle.

Patches welcome :)

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