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[cross-project-issues-dev] OCL 1.1.2, Query 1.1.1, Transaction 1.1.2, Jet 0.8.2 release candidates available, ready for rename on freeze day (02/28)

Barring any last-minute showstoppers, OCL 1.1.2, Query 1.1.1, Transaction 1.1.2 & Jet 0.8.2 are effectively available, and ready for Europa Winter Maintenance. (may not have mirrored yet)

Once renamed, folders will switch from M200... to R200... and from to, following the model below.


Since it was decided to NOT use the SPAM-free notification mechanism, this is to inform folks that barring any last-minute showstoppers, EMF 2.3.2 is effectively available.

The current download URLs are:
(zip names like

The future download URL will be:
(zip names like

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