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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] New Orbit S build is ready

I suppose there will be another version of all of the Orbit bundles when we
make the change to use the new source attachment mechanism, after
Ganymede's M5.

Unless, of course, the source bundles are moved into their own CVS modules.


Christian W. Damus
Component Lead, Eclipse OCL and EMF MQ/MT/VF
IBM Rational Sofware

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Remember, it is critically important for Ganymede M5 that if you package
and distribute Batik-related bundles that you move up to this new build, as
there has been a substantial change in the way the manifests are written. I
believe the old versions and new versions can not peacefully coexists ...
this was done so minor changes can peacefully coexist in the future ...
even though no changes are planned! :)

There were no other changes that should effect cross-project issues ...
but, it's always a good idea to move to the latest if at all possible, that
is for anyone who hasn't already delivered ... if you have already
delivered M5, no need to re-spin ... unless you use Batik bundles, and I
don't think there are any of those cases.


P.S. Apologies for the lateness (I had said 3 PM) but one part of our
process requires shell access on, which were temporarily
disabled today, due to a security scare (as I'm sure you've all heard).

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