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[cross-project-issues-dev] RE: EclipseCon memory stick and Ganymede M5

Pascal: your suggestion sounds great and I'd just love to 
  see it become reality! If "installer.exe" is just a 
  rebranded version of eclipse.exe, could it perhaps even
  use a JVM that also comes on the Stick?

  Could such an "installed-on-the-stick" JRE that's 
  actually used to run the installer also be installed
  (copied) onto the user's hard disk from the same source?

  When P2 has issues with Paths on the Mac, what about
  shipping P2ified Ganymede for Windows and Linux, but
  EPP packages for the Mac?

JRE's: It looks like there was some confusion around 1.4 
  JRE's; I never suggested to use one of these, I rather
  suggested that _if_ we are able to bundle a JRE we should
  pick a 1.5 JRE in order to support .pack.gz files.

JRE Redist Licensing: Nick have you followed up with IBM?
  FYI, Sun appears to allow free redistribution of its
  JRE when it's unmodified and there is some value-add:
  Bjorn/Janet would such a license be acceptable for the EMO?

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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