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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] use of features in Ganymede update site

Hi Mic,
The <groups> in the .sc file defines the categories in the Ganymede site.xml. If I understand you problem correctly you don't need an additional site.xml. The two update sites (your own and Ganymede) are defined by the your own site.xml and the .sc file that defines your contribution for Ganymede. That's it.

Thomas Hallgren

Mik Kersten wrote:
In response to Nick's blog:

I'm trying to figure out what the recommended process is for specifying
Ganymede features.  The problem is that Mylyn needs to specify the features
differently for its own update site (separating into two feature categories)
and for the Ganymede site (best as one category with a different
description).  I had assumed that this would happen automagically via the
following in our .sc file:

       <public name="Collaboration Tools">

Is this correct, or do projects in our situation need to create a special
site.xml for Ganymede?


Mik Kersten
Project Lead,

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