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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Wiki "standardization"?

There are many ways to skin a wiki cat J


I have been using the () shortcut – if the page title includes a part in parantheses, an empty secion after the | uses the part of the page title that is not in parantheses.

For instance typing [Help (MyProject]|] creates a link equivalent to having typed [Help (MyProject)|Help].


We used that in the Buckminster wiki pages quite a lot.



- henrik


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I also like the idea to standardize on a hierarchy. I'm just
not sure if embedding the hierarchy in the topic title is the
best thing: because one original idea of the Wiki was that one
could link to another topic easily when writing text, just
by putting the normal text in [[brackets]] like the
[[examples]] here so that it becomes a link.

With hierarchy embedded in the topic title, one always has to
write both the [[protocols/http/link|link]] and the link text
as shown here. That's a little against the original Wiki idea.

I find that most of the time I have to use the full [[Lengthy_Page_Title|short alias]] syntax because very often the context in which I'm embedding the link does not warrant the full page's title. If you find that you usually don't have to alias your pages, then perhaps your titles are too short / not descriptive enough. ;-)

Seems to me the tradeoff of 'a few extra keystrokes when composing' vs. 'easier navigation w/ breadcrumbs and categories' is a worthwhile one. More work for us, but more ease of use for our users.



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