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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] I see weird things happening in our SVN repo


The sudden increase in revisions is due to the import of the Higgins CVS into SVN. The automated import tool basically creates a single SVN commit for each CVS commit in the source repository, and since the Higgins folks have been really busy that resulted in a drastic increase in the revision count.

As for the branches and tags, those are also the work of the import tool as it seems to presume that everything should be located in the root of the repo, I'm going to look into moving those directories into the Higgins space.


Thomas Hallgren wrote:
Over the last couple of days the number of revisions in our SVN repository nearly doubled. Looking at the repository I find branches and tags directly under the /svnroot (they seem to belong to the org.eclipse.higgins project). Having branches and tags directly under the /svnroot means that all projects share the same set of branches and tags. IMHO, that's bad practice.

Most projects have the standard structure, i.e.


I think we need to make this the standard for all projects. The sooner the better. The projects that deviate from the standard are:


Does anyone have a different opinion about this?

Thomas Hallgren

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