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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Wiki "standardization"?

When I first started writing wikis, I tended to use the [[Category:...]] convention to group pages into obvious categories like Releng, Java, EMF, Modeling, FAQ...

I still do that, but having discovered the 'automatic breadcrumb' effect of creating subpages using "/" in titles, I've started renaming pages to use that new convention, as it provides a sense of page-to-project ownership and navigation that the categories don't provide.


Also, category nesting is a powerful way to create component or subproject categories:

Personally, I recommend using both. Oh, and as Remy taught me a while back, if you need to redirect a page to another page (and can't do a Move because there are already two existing pages, or because you want to have a landing page direct to a Category [1]), just do something like this:

  #REDIRECT [[:Category:Eclipse_Web_Tools_Platform_Project]]


Of course one aspect of naming that Remy didn't mention is the over-verbose page titles like "Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project" when "Web Tools Project" would work just as well. ;-)



On Nov 17, 2007 12:17 PM, Remy Chi Jian Suen <remy.suen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I know a wiki is supposed to be open and free, but I think that
standardizing a couple of things here and there would be helpful and
make it look a lot more uniform. The primary issue I have is with the
naming convention of pages. There are probably other things that needs
to be changed too, but I think that this inconsistency looks bad and
is kind of annoying.

There are a couple of projects that have adopted the subpages concept
by using slashes in their page names like...


...and then we have those that go about with the full article name like...

GMF Development Guidelines
Equinox p2 Getting Started
ECF Ganymede Roadmap
Mylyn Contributor Reference

...and next, we have RAP and Bug Day kind of doing its own thing (as
far as I know) with limiting the use of spaces (for no technical
reason, mind you, since spaces in titles are perfectly valid)...

Rap10M3 News
BugDay/November 2007

...and BIRT that's decided to use suffixes for identification purposes
on a few of their pages like...

Contributing Examples (BIRT)
Logging The Events - Show the Typical Log Stack (BIRT)

...and finally, we have some pages that come out of nowhere with no
context like...

Shared Editing

There may be other naming conventions that are being employed, but
since there are so many Eclipse projects and so many wiki pages, I
have only presented a sample of what I have seen while clicking

I would personally vouch for the first option of using subpages
(PDT/FAQ) as I feel that that would make organizing things a little
easier and makes it immediately clear as to what a page is under.

Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts about this, what are your
preferences? Does anyone even care or am I making this inconsistency
problem sound bigger than it really is?

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