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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Jars in jars is good citicenship?

John Arthorne wrote:
Well, it really depends on the situation. If a plugin contains a nested jar, plus thousands of other files, there is certainly performance gain in install time, disk space, etc, from jarring. The benefit of jarring tends to accumulate over a large body of plugins - it might be a small gain for a single plugin, but for an application with a 1000 plugins, it adds up.

There might also be a performance penalty when starting jarred plugins:
On-Access Virus scanners (like McAfee) scan the entire file when an
application accesses a file. Eclipse might only need the plugin.xml or
a few class files from a jar, but the virus scanner scans the entire
file. This adds significantly to the cold startup time (because the virus
scanner keeps the disk busy and makes the eclipse IO slower). Some time ago
I measured that the cold startup with the virus scanner takes twice as
long as without virus scanner. And the problem is the additional disk-IO,
not the cpu cycles used by the virus scanner..

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