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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Jars in jars is good citicenship?

Hi John,

John Arthorne wrote:

Having said that, altering the runtime structure of plugins to workaround development time limitations seems to be a poor reason for not doing this valuable optimization.
I agree that having jar'ed plug-ins is of great value but is nested jars really an optimization? I might be wrong (haven't tested) but I doubt that any gain in performance, memory consumption, or even significant size on disk can be proven.

It's certainly not the case that all plugins that contain nested jars cannot be jarred.
Of course not. My point is that the since the compiler fails to recognize nested jars, any downstream project depending on such plug-ins have to go through the hassle that I described earlier. I'm questioning why that is recommended and why it's considered good citizenship.

If you really have a case that links and runs fine at runtime, but fails to compile at development time, I suggest entering a bug against PDE to see if they can support it better.
All bundles depending on jar'ed bundles with nested jars have this problem:

Thomas Hallgren

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