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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Europa Fall Maintenance Maintenance


Ed Merks/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
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             10/31/2007 07:34          Europa Fall     Maintenance         
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Europa Project Leads,
Please vote, on this mailing list, whether we should be updating the Europa
Update Site and the Europa download site with the re-re-spin. It appears
that individual projects have decided to update their bits (that's fine)
and the Europa download packages are being updated (did we agree to that?),
so perhaps we'd all better just vote +1 on this re-re-spin for the Europa
Fall Maintenance to be moved to be the main Europa update site.

I'll take three or more +1s and no -1s by Friday morning as a go.
      @ALL: How do we proceed with the Europa Update Site content? From my
      point of
      view there is too much confusion, no clear decision, no schedule, and
      green build at all.
P.S. The lack of a green build is that annoying siteArchiver/update manager
bug that corrupts pack200 files. The non-packed files seem good and (when I
get a moment) I'm working on the work-around temp fix.
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