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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ganymatic is live -- EMF updated; other Modeling components ready to generate .sc content too

EMF .sc file contribution updated with M2+ build's feature ids.

Common Modeling Build's has been updated to generate these .sc files on the fly from the contents of the SDK zip's features/ folder (as it was for the old format features-*.xml files for Europa); this now should work for all Modeling components. When you promote your next build, check the box for [x] Update Coordinated Update Site? and select [ganymede] to create the new .sc file and contribute your site.xml features to site-interim-ganymede.xml. Please watch the promo log for any problems. If you encounter a problem or need info about how to allocate your features to the main category ("Models and Model Development") vs. the "Enabling Features" category please see bug 207017.

If anyone (outside Modeling) wants to extract the chunk of shell script for generating the XML, here's the stuff I added -- see lines 666-803:


On 10/21/07, David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I, also, should say that I updated WTP to our M2 versions. Plus, made a few other changes ...

I used multiple groups ... not sure the new system supports that exactly.

I also reformatted all the sc files with my personal xml formatting preferences ... apologies if someone had already formatted them with their favorite preferences,
and I promise I won't touch anyone else's again if anyone wants to change back.

Tip: if you add "*.sc" to the 'xml content type' in your workspace preferences, you'll be able to more easily open an xml editor on the files, and can more easily get some basic xml validation (e.g. if you accidentally leave off a quote or something).  If there are some "Buckminister schemas" perhaps even more validation could be done? (hence, possibly catching some simple mistakes earlier?).

Thanks Bjorn ... I can hardly wait till I get one of the build failed notifications :)

Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx >
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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ganymatic is live and trying to build        the M2+ build

Ganymatic is live:

The builds are currently failing and the correct people have been notified. Hopefully they can fix their inputs quickly so that the M2+ build can be completed. I've updated the M2+ schedule on
the wiki with this (yet-another) slip.

Further improvements to Ganymatic are continuing.

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