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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] RE: [] server usage patternsversus new innovative tools

Jeff, I can't answer your question, but I think the largest pain point is when new projects in  proposal phase attempt to gather community feedback using NNTP newsgroups.

I've opened to request that new project proposal documents link to the Web interface of the newsgroups instead of the NNTP group.  This should facilitate initial discussion by allowing it to occur over a plain web form.


It's funny, because that site looks like the old site did, back in the Frames days.


Jeff McAffer wrote:

I am still confused by this thread.  Given the set of web front ends and RSS facilities we have wrapped around the newsgroups, isn't the whole mailing list/newsgroup/forum thing a dead topic?  Is there a substantive difference between what we have and what people here want?


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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] RE: [] server usage patternsversus new innovative tools

Mike Milinkovich wrote:
> I have heard many complaints from many people in many projects for many
> years.

Many years ago the python newsgroup added a gateway to access it like
a mailing list. Users could choose which way they wanted to access
the list.

The *big* advantage of a newsgroup over mailing lists and news feeds is:
once you register to the newsgroup, you have immediate access to the
history. News feeds typically keep 10 or 20 items. For a mailing list
you either have to wait a while to figure out the type of information
posted on the list or you have to access the archive. Unfortunately,
the eclipse mailing lists archives are not stored in INBOX format. That is
supported by mailman but eclipse does not use it. Here is an example
of a mailman archive that provides zip files of the archives

None of those options is as convenient as a newsgroup...

Maybe we should create newsgroup access to all mailing lists :-)

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