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[cross-project-issues-dev] Advice on update site problem?

A DTP user has encountered a problem* when trying to update from DTP 1.5
(Europa) to 1.5.1 (Europa fall maintenance). If you do "Software
Updates-->Find and Install-->Search for updates of the currently installed
features" then you get an error for DTP (see "error.jpg" attached). The
problem is that not all the updated DTP features are detected, and hence
there are unsatisfied dependencies. If, however, you do "Software
Updates-->Find and Install-->Search for new features to install", there is
no problem updating DTP 1.5.1. The attached "correct.jpg" shows the
expected feature set, which you'll notice has several more items than found
through the other update method. (The same mirror site was chosen both

Since the problem was first noted a couple of days ago, we've checked and
re-checked our update site files/features/etc. and haven't been able to
locate the source of the problem. So, I throw this out to the group for two

(1) Any ideas why the two search methods return different results? Did we
do something wrong on our update site?
(2) If you hear of anyone hitting the same problem with DTP, or another
project, you'll know what to suggest.  :-)

John Graham
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.


(See attached file: correct.JPG)(See attached file: error.JPG)

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