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[cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse platform milestone hard to find

I realized that the download for the latest Eclipse platform milestone (for example 3.4 M2) is really hard to find.

The download link '' will not help you, all you find are links to the Europe downloads.

What you have to do is to go on 'Projects' 'Eclipse Project' 'Eclipse Platform' to click on the download icon.
I think this is almost impossible to find.

I think its really important to propagate the platform milestone builds better.
- We depend on users testing and giving feedback on the latest
- We need to keep users interested in Eclipse. The milestone 'new and noteworthy' document serves that purpose.
We spend considerable time on creating the 'new and noteworthy'. If it stays as hidden as now, I wonder if its worth the effort.

-> Put a link to a new 'new and noteworthy' to the news ticker
-> Put a link to the latest milestone on the main download page. Explain who should use it and how.

The download packages are great to have. Maybe they can also be offered by milestone?


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